• Jessie Oubre

Beware This End of Summer Air Conditioning Problem

Summer may almost be over, but there are still plenty of warmer days ahead of us. Hopefully, you haven’t had any drastic problems with your air conditioning system this season… because one thing is for sure: It’s difficult to get through summer without a properly working cooling system.

AC systems are designed to stand up to high temperatures and many years of use. However, the end of summer is usually when these systems are most likely to suffer a breakdown—particularly if it’s aging and/or you haven’t scheduled professional maintenance within the last year.

What Does Soaring Heat Do to Your AC?

A AC component that a day of increased use can impact is one of your capacitors. A capacitor is an electronic system that is responsible for transferring electrical charges to the various motors within your AC system. High heat shortens the life of the capacitors, and at the end of a long summer it may only take a day of air conditioner use for a capacitor to fail.

One final common heat-related AC problem is a burnt out motor. The increased stress put on your AC during the summer strains the system’s motors—especially if your air conditioner is aging and has had extensive wear and tear.

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